Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Generation Faith!!

“Kids these days…absolutely not religious...they have lost their way in this world…being religious is not as they say “kool” “

hear some grandmothers,especially the ones who meet at the local park everyday apparently for some exercise (which is basically gossiping…cant keep too many things suppressed within!!1), and this is something that you will find many of them complaining. But I beg to differ. You can just say that youngsters these days are less religious. They just choose to follow a different religion altogether. They need to understand that and accept it. They need to live with the fact that we have a different rituals and tenants that guide us. Let me detail it out, so as to prove that my statement is not wrong, and you will find that many many many people in “hip-hop” generation of today follow these rituals ..religiously…

Every weekend they get up as soon as the clock strikes 8 ..okie this is something for which you need to cut these guys some slack..they work their ass off the whole week to ensure that they earn enough and hold onto their jobs..capitalism is more rampant now a days than in your times. After waking up they religiously plan the next 12 hours completely. Every minute is important. They decide not to waste a single min. The extent of detail of such plans would even put the best of the strategists to shame. Ask these “kids” to share it with you sometimes. Then similar to the old times ..they freshenup. Like good well behaved individuals they take a head bath,and dress in their best attire. And yes like ancient times apply a lot of pastes made out of natural fruits and other nature’s gifts on their body.. and prepare for their penance.. Post which with the blessings from their parents they head to their temple….

They donot embark on this religious quest alone. They gather all the like minded devotees of their faith and together begin the journey to their temple. Also they use a common mode of transport (highlighting their concern for the environment). They utilize the journey to exchange notes and discuss the plan that they had made individually. Seamlessly without much hue and cry..the many detailed and extensive plans merge into one. All stakeholders are satisfied..and the process is quick…so quick and so efficient that directors of companies sitting in their board rooms can learn, the process of integration, from them.

They soon arrive at their temple. They have strict rules about your conduct and attire at the premises, so strict that the ancient orthodox Brahmins would be put to shame. The doorman (who is the most powerful saint ) is instructed with the act of restricting the entry to guests who do not comply with the religious diktat. The devotees who pass the acid test enter the temple and start the rituals. They begin with waiting for the main saint to enter.

Once they enter, they find a cosy place so that they can spend the next few hours peacefully…A few saints inside, distribute sweet barley extracts mixed with a variety of fruits and serve them to the devotees…There is slow music being played throughout…the devotees while consuming the sweet natural drinks start the swaying and dancing in praise of their lords..Soon the head priest enters… He starts with some soft chants which ensure that the devotees get onto a higher mental platform so as to connect with the great one . The number or devotees soon increases and then as the clock strikes 10...and darkness sets in outside …the devotees keep gulping mouth fulls of barley extracts... They sway in praise of their leaders..they leave behind all their inhibitions and attain a peaceful state of mind. Soon the clock 12..and religious fanatics, people who are against this religion, arrive. Being the peaceful race, the devotees end their prayer reluctantly and begin their journey backs to their humble abode. But they take the longer route back as they come to terms with the sanity that exists in the world around them, and also return to the same state of mind with which they left their homes..

This is a ritual they follow every week.. religiously…So as I said they are definitely aligned to a religion...look at its ethos and tenants, you might be interested.. and yeah join in .you are always welcome !!!

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